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Timeshare Contract Cancellation Legal Help

Whether your timeshare is paid off or you still owe a mortgage on it we can help. In most cases we can eliminate all future payments including the remaining mortgage.


  • Cost to Keep - We will run at no charge a cost to keep.  While using your maintenance fee or fees, mortgage and months remaining on your mortgage or mortgages we will share your ROI (Return on Investment) by retaining our services.

  • Utilizing Paid Vacations - If our services are rendered we will share with you as to how to use the vacation time you have already paid for.  Generally there are several avenues for each customer depending on where you own.  Both RCI and II also factor into route of use.

  • Renting Resorts vs Owning - Steer you in the right direction showing you how to rent not only where you own but all resort location while no longer paying Maintenance Fees, Mortgages, Transfer Fees, Roll Over Fees and Special Assessments.

  • Call Today-Live agents are ready to help you dissolve your timeshare!

    15 min

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